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Mergers and Acquisitions

Key Competencies

In the course of business there emerges a necessity to enter into various transactions associated with acquisition of business, large assets, shares/stakes of other companies. We provide advisory services for strategic planning and feasibility analysis, mergers and acquisitions, capital restructuring, and partnerships. We can assist our Clients with various legal issues related to merges and acquisitions, including but not limited to:
· legal due diligence of a company;
· structuring of the transaction (including working out different scenarios taking into account an optimal structure of the transaction, action lists, timeframes, financial and other resources necessary for completion of the transaction in compliance with the selected structure);
· preparing package of documents associated with the transaction (in particular, sale and purchase agreements including that of shares, shareholders agreements, pledge, guarantee agreements and other security documents, etc.);
· drafting documents for carrying out necessary corporate procedures such as meetings of the board of directors, general meetings of shareholders; drafting necessary protocols, mandatory notifications, etc.;
· receiving necessary approvals and permits from the regulating authorities.

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